Value of Pictures

DSC09615 One of the interesting things about visiting other countries, especially when working with kids, is that children love having their pictures taken. In Zambia, if you pull out a camera, all the kids swarm around you and will show off for the camera. In India, it was a little different. Here, the kids really want a picture of themselves – not for you to just take a picture, but they want to see the picture and if it was possible to get a print, they would love that.

DSC09648Fortunately, we were able to do that in two ways. I’m not sure exactly how the idea came up, but Jay did bring along a small 4×6 printer. Between that printer and also going to a photo store and having prints made (much better option, by the way… in India, it was $2 for 30 prints, and only took 30 minutes), we were able to give out pictures of many of the kids and families. It was especially cool that one of their art projects was a picture frame – so we were able to print the pictures and give it to the kids to put in their new frames.

This experience is something I’ll keep in mind for future trips.