The “People United” Go Down In Flames

Very good article by Walter Russell Mead from “The American Interest”

Few interesting quotes:

  • “For the unions who represent its employees, the bureaucratic, civil service state is a solution permanently in search of new problems to solve and new worlds to conquer.”
  • “The power of the public unions within the party pulls Democrats much farther to the left than they would otherwise go.”
  • “To the extent that these unions shape the Democratic agenda, Democrats aren’t just the party of government; they are the party of inefficient, expensive, unresponsive, bureaucratic government.”
  • “The left lost this election because it failed to persuade the people that its analysis was correct. The people weren’t a herd of sheep dazzled by big money campaign ads on TV; the Wisconsin electorate chewed over the issues at leisure, debated them extensively, considered both points of view — and then handed the left a humiliating, stinging and strategic defeat.”