iOS App Development Using Cordova

Adafruit instructions on how to develop an iOS app using Cordova – basic programming is done using javascript and html.

Notifications in Python

A great way to have desktop notifications for Python applications is to use Growl.  Available for Mac and Windows

Growl for Mac:

Growl for Windows:

Once installed, you will need the python library gntp (Growl Notification Transport Protocol).

R Project resource

Excellent website full of useful information on using R Project:

Topics include:
Getting data from the web
Data Manipulation
Data visualization

This is probably my favorite project on his site – not because it’s Star Wars, but because of the way the data is presented:

Online Mapping

I now have an ArcGIS online account.  I’m not sure what I will be posting on this mapping service, but we’ll see what I come up with.  Right now, I’ve posted the bus and light rail maps for RTD Denver.

dhuru_arcgisThe background on the header that I created is a really old map of Fort Worth from 1876.