DSC Webinar: Best Practices for Using Color in Data isualizations

“In this Webinar you will learn pretty much everything there is to know about using color in data visualizations. Maureen will describe best practices for using color in visual analysis, the visual principles that underlie them, and how these insights influence Tableau’s products. You will see how different choices and settings can enhance different views and present different findings. You will also learn some of fundamentals of color vision and what ‘color blindness’ really means. All this in an effort to illustrate how color can make your dashboards both beautiful and visually effective.”

DSC Webinar Series: Best Practices for Using Color in Data isualizations: How and Why 5.13.2014 via Data Science Central.

Tableau Tips for the Day

Two tasks to complete today in using Tableau:

1. When you create a dashboard, you can’t use the “Measure Names” as a global filter.  How to create a global filter.  Answer.

2. Instead of having a state selector for origin and a state selector for destination, how to just have one selector that would affect both.  Answer.

Circos, Visualization

Martin Krzywinski – Scientist, Bioinformatics, Genome Sciences CentreBC Cancer Agency

“I work with some very smart people on problems indata visualization applied to cancer research andgenome analysis.

“Previously I was involved in fingerprint mapping,system administrationcomputer securityfashion photographymedical imaging and LHC particle physics.

“My work is guided by a need to rationalizemake things prettycombine science with art and help make connections between ideas.”

http://mkweb.bcgsc.ca/ http://circos.ca/