Star Wars in ASCII

“Text” version of Star Wars:

You can also view this using telnet by telnetting to

There is something very interesting about ASCII art – it’s very simple – all you have to work with are the characters that can be displayed in a screen. There is a color version of this the above as well. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but have to admit that it’s pretty clever and cool.

It kinda emphasizes the notion that the story is the most important part – the visual and audio effects just help immerse you in the story. The effects don’t make the movie.

Awakening: Inside Radical Street Evangelism

Street Evangelism is difficult. The idea of walking up to a complete stranger and discussing Jesus is intimidating. I’ve tried it and have to admit that its uncomfortable and you’re always opening yourself up for a personal attack by someone who simply refuses to believe. But how inspiring it is to see a group so dedicated to Christ and his message that they willingly, obediently, and boldly spread the word in the hardened streets of New York City.

Jews for Jesus opened up their doors to a documentary crew last summer to give the world a peek at what radical street evangalism looks like and it’s incredible. How great is it to see all the energy being poured into spreading the word.

Watch the trailer….

Awakening follows the New York Jews for Jesus summer witnessing campaign. The team hits the streets of New York, the city that never sleeps with its people who are very opinionated, to talk about Christ.

The campaign theme is “Who is He?” and the team goes to great lengths to reach people however they can wherever they can.

Their methods range from wearing t-shirts that say “Who is He?” on the front with a QR code on the back that takes you to a video that talks about Christ to a Tuesday night lecture series for the curious that want the opportunity to learn and ask questions. Instead of the usual tracts, they designed tracts that are both punchy and creative – designed to catch the incredibly short attention spans of people living in the big city.

If you’re looking for inspiration, want to find out more about radical street evangelism, or just curious what Jews for Jesus is all about, watch Awakening – see how Christ is moving through the streets of New York

“if you can read a hardened New Yorker… then you can reach anyone, anywhere!”

For more information or to purchase the movie, visit Jews for Jesus on the web:

Main Website

On Facebook

Awakening Website


Mary and Max

Max having an anxiety attack.
Max having an anxiety attack.

Mary and Max is an excellent claymation movie from Australia.  It’s about a young Australian girl named Mary who becomes pen pals with a Jewish man from New York who is names Max.  The movie is a funny yet dark at the same time.  Probably not something for young kids.

Mary lives in a brown world with an alcoholic mother and a father who stuffs dead birds.  She struggles with loneliness and being an outcast.

Max has a similar story.  He lives in a black and white world, has Asburgers Syndrome, attends “Weight Watchers Anonymous” meetings, and doesn’t understand people very well.

Visually, this is a beautiful movie.  Mary’s world is in shades of brown while Max’s is shades of gray.  Both with a spot of red.  The way the worlds and characters are sculpted is very detailed.

Much of the humor in this movie is very subtle – you do have to be paying attention to really appreciate it.

Catch it on Netflix.