DC’s City Hall vs Record Stores

Reason TV published a story about the “assault on record stores by DC City Hall.”  (Link to video)

There really aren’t very many record stores around any more.  The few that do exist sell mostly used vinyl records, posters, clothes, and other music paraphernalia.  Recently, it looks like DC changed their business licensing requirement and now require these stores to register as pawn shops.  The reason is clear – they want to be able to track stolen merchandise that was sold to the store.  I suppose I see the need, but don’t particularly agree with the methods.  Instead of passing laws and bullying stores into buying new licenses, did they take a more cooperative approach?  Also not sure there is any need to hold inventory and wait for detectives to do whatever investigation.  I think just recording who sold by showing ID would be sufficient.

I don’t think this video, however, is particularly good at presenting the issue.  It sounds more like a one sided story designed to just make people mad without really proposing any solutions.  Just “City Hall is bad.  Granted, governments at all levels are known for making amazingly bad decisions, but if my assumption on the why is correct, what City Hall needs to do is walk away from the strong-arm tactics that government is increasingly enjoying use of and instead use a diplomacy and cooperation instead.