Sydney Hotel

While in Sydney, I stayed at the Macleay Lodge.  The price was good – one of the least expensive I had found without going to a hostel – and similar to the capsule hotel in Tokyo, I wasn’t planning on hanging out at the hotel, so I really wasn’t looking for anything more than a clean place to stay.  I have to admit that I was still apprehensive about the hotel – the reviews overall were decent, but I couldn’t get a good idea of what the hotel looked like.  There wasn’t much in the way of pictures.  Plus I still remember the bad experience with a DC hotel (over 10 years ago now)…

Once I got to the hotel, I was quite pleased.  It was, in fact, very clean.

The room was small, but more than adequate for my purposes.  There was a nice, comfortable bed, a TV (note that I don’t watch much TV, but you do get to know a culture by whats on), a closet area, and a kitchenette (sink, microwave, refrigerator).  My window didn’t have much of a view, but again, I would be seeing better views from elsewhere, so not a big deal.  They do not have daily maid service – I think it’s weekly, but I don’t really know.  I was only there for 3 nights, and didn’t see a need for daily maid service anyways.

The bathrooms in this hotel are shared and there were two on my floor.  They were both spotless.  One was really cramped, though.  The second one was much bigger.  I never had  a problem with getting into the bathroom – though I have to admin, I don’t what the occupancy of the hotel was while I was there.  I believe there are 5 or 6 rooms on this floor.  I could also be that I was in and out at odd hours.  Either way, very happy with the hotel.  In the bathroom, you had the basics – shower, sink, and toilet (western).

The staff at the hotel is very helpful.  If you want to book a tour or transportation, they are more than happy to do that for you.  Also very responsive if you have questions or issuses.

The area that the hotel is in is great – very convenient to restaurants and bars.  There is a convenience store next door and it isn’t a long walk to central Sydney, if you were so inclined to walk.  It was especially nice once I found a staircase that went down to the water instead of having to walk all the way around.