Learning Programming Languages

I’ve started to learn to use the “Processing” language.  It’s seems to be a lot like a modern version of Logo.  I’m reading through a book called “Getting Started with Processing” by Casey Reas and Ben Fry.  Reas and Fry created the processing language and it has a syntax similar to java, but is designed with functions for being able to sketch.

Commands I’ve learned to use so far: size, line, quad, triangle, rect, ellipse, arc, radians, smooth, noSmooth, point, strokeWeight

Couple of important notes:

– when using ellipse to draw a semi circle, the angle measure are absolute.  0 degrees is always east. 270 is always north.

– functions are case sensitive.  “nosmooth” will error.  It should be “noSmooth”

So far, this is a pretty easy language and will probably fun and useful.

More information on Processing is at http://www.processing.org

On top of Processing, I’m also taking a look at Codea on the iPad.  Looks like this is also a great, easy to learn, language.  Using a really good blog for my introduction: http://codeatuts.blogspot.com/p/contents.html.