Spirit Airlines

I flew on Spirit Airlines for the first time from DFW to LAX.  Usually, I would fly on American Airlines, but I didn’t buy my ticket in time and the airfare had already gone up to around $500 (I think).  Spirit always comes up as the cheapest, but I don’t have status with them and I really needed to save as much money as I could.  So I booked with Spirit.

I will start by saying that the experience, overall, was pretty good.  The ticket price is as advertised as long as you understand that everything is an add on – there are no freebies on the flight.  I did notice that people were carrying less onto the plane and that the boarding process was  a little faster.  I’m assuming this is because your second carry on costs extra.  You can have a personal item for free.  This was just a weekend trip, so I just took a daypack.  I wonder if people just carry less knowing that they get a cheaper price?

The plane was nice – it was an Airbus 319, very similar to a 737.   I was in the back of the plane.  Fortunately, I got a window seat, even though I didn’t pay to select a seat.  There wasn’t very much room, though.  It reminded me of the Air Asia flight in Indonesia.  The seats were very close together.  I’m assuming that if I didn’t have status on AA, I would be sitting in the back of the plane too and there would be less space.

I will stick with American just because I have status there, but I don’t have a problem flying on Spirit when I need to save a little money.