School Visits

One Monday, I went with Paige to her school and on Tuesday went with Daniel to his. In all the classes, I was a part of “Show and Tell.” Since the kids are all learning English, here was a chance for them to talk to someone they haven’t met before and practice their conversational skills.

The conversations were all pretty similar – where do you live, are you married, do you have kids, what are your hobbies… Some of the kids got really excited with I would ask them what I should do in Indonesia. They liked that conversation. We also talked about their hobbies and favorite music. In the video below, you’ll see clips from their classroom assignments. In one, they had to complete a story and create a storyboard to go with it. The other project is to write and present a conversation that contains some sort of issue and then a resolution. There are also samples of the kids singing their favorite songs from Korean boy/girl bands and then also some of the latest dance moves (which turned out to be from Zumba, so I guess it’s more exercise than dance… 🙂 ).

Update: So the dance moves are actually from a Korean Rapper name Psy from his song Ganganam Style (click to watch his video).  Paige and Daniel mentioned that Korean pop music is really popular in Indonesia, and so it would seem.  What makes it more interesting, though, is that this particular rapper seems to be a world wide sensation.  So here’s how I found out about this… I went camping over Thanksgiving and was telling my friends about my trip and specifically were talking about the school visit.  I don’t remember if I mimicked a bit of the horse riding part of the dance or maybe just talked about it, but my friends daughter immediately knew what I was talking about and chimed in “Oh!  That’s Ganganam Style!”  My exact reaction to that was “that’s what now?”  Then I heard about Psy on the radio news the other day as having the move views for a music video at 44 million or something like that outranking Justin Bieber.

Photos from my classroom visits.