SCARR in a Fleetwood Evolution

This weekend was the 9th Annual SCARR (South Central Area Rover Rally) sponsored by Texas Rovers. It started on Thursday and went through Sunday. For this weekend, I rented a Fleetwood Evolution E3 for my accommodations that I rented from Campers4Rent in Lewisville. This pop up is designed for off road adventures with plenty of ground clearance.

This pop up camper is much heavier than the rPod that I rented previously, but it was still easy to tow. It’s a wide trailer, blocking visibility from the side view mirrors. On top of the trailer is an air conditioning unit that blocked the view from the rear view mirror as well. This camper has a heater, air conditioner, hot water heater, stove, shower, and toilet.

Setting up took a little time, mainly because I had never set a pop up trailer up before. Same goes for taking it down – I’m sure after doing it a few times it wouldn’t take any time at all.

There are two king sized beds – one on either side of the camper – that were both very comfortable. It was also nice to have the tent part of the camper because it let in a lot of light as well as a good breeze. Overall it was very comfortable.

I didn’t use the toilet in this camper because the cleanup wasn’t as easy as it was in the rPod. The rPod had a drain pipe and hose that could be connected to the sewer. This camper has a cartridge toilet. I didn’t want to experience cleanup on this.

Overall, a very nice trailer, although I wasn’t as big a fan of the setup and takedown. I think my next trailer rental will be a hybrid hard side & pop out.