Sony NEX7: This is my primary camera. I have the standard lens as well as the 55-210mm and many, many batteries.

GoPro Hero 1, 2, and 3+: I have 1 each of these cameras. If I only take one GoPro along with me somewhere, it will be the 3+. I have some of the GoPro mounts and have built a few additional of my own.

Sony HDR-HC1: I’ve had this camera for several years now – it’s “old” in technology years. This camera is one of the first 1080 HD prosumer cameras released in the market. Really love this camera. It takes great video, although it uses DV tapes, and with the Nex7, I’ve gotten spoiled on not having to do transfers.


I work for a railroad.

I used to sell steel.

I used to work for a company that mined diatomaceous earth.

I have a blog just to have a place to write – the more you write, the better you get… well, in theory at least. There is no particular reason.  I make no claims or guarantees that you’ll find great gems of knowledge or anything even remotely useful here. .

It’s also a good place for me to try out plug ins and see what sorts of cool code is out there.