Reflections on Belize

This is the fourth mission trip that I’ve been on.  Each trip has been quite different – each with it’s own challenges and blessings.  The first trip I went on was to Florence, Italy.  First world countries present the greatest challenge to spreading the gospel.  After all, if you don’t need anything – if you’re not desperate – why would you need God?  The level of indifference was astounding.  The second trip was to Zambia.  Such an amazing experience to see belief in it’s purest form among people who have nothing to lose, because they have nothing to begin with!  A great lesson for first world believers.  Then last year I went to Albi, France.  On that trip, I got to see how true belief in Christ flourished in another community as we helped build a house for a small church’s new pastor.

Belize was much more like Zambia.  This country has such a rich history and the people here have almost nothing as far as wealth or assets.  What made this trip different from other trips was the depth of relationships the missionary, Paul, had in this country.  He has a very long and rich history with the Belizians that you can see the appreciation in the people that call him friend.

I would love to go back and see how Belize changes over the next several years.  While I was there, it was apparent that the country is beginning to grow, perhaps due to in influx of financial support from the first world.  Their highway was recently (4-5 years ago) was built by the US.  There are several buildings and water towers reminding to be grateful to the EU.

Belize is going to grow pretty quickly over the next few years.  I would like to see the churches there grow even faster than the economic infrastructure, but it’s going to take a lot of people to make that happen.