Sorting Powerpoint slides into a Random Sequence

Situation: I’m running a contest and I have an introduction slide for each participant in a separate deck. I want the slides to show up in the random order from when it was created. More generically, you have a Powerpoint deck and you want the whole thing resorted into a random order. Here is a link to an article that provides instructions and code to do that.

Here is a Powerpoint file with the code embedded as an example.

Note that this will shuffle allthe slides in a file.

This will work using the current version of Powerpoint on both Mac and Windows (2016).

This method will randomize your slides without having duplicates.

If you have a bunch of slides and you want them to appear in a random sequence but don’t care if there are repeats, check out this article.

Here is a Powerpoint file with the macro already created.