Offroading in the Freelander

My first Landrover was a 2005 Freelander SE3. This was a great little vehicle. Not quite the truck like the Discovery and the Range Rover, but still very capable.

The SE3 is a two door convertible. You could remove the cover that is over the trunk and it had a very large glass moonroof that could also be removed for a great open air experience. On the road it was very quick and sporty.

Once it was time to replace the tires, I did put on some larger all terrains, but until then I hit the trails with the stock tires which were really much more suited to street use.

It was pretty challenging out on the trails with the street tires but with the SE3 being a very light vehicle, it managed to do quite well. The big issue was overall ground clearance being lower than the other rovers.

The lower clearance did make the trails a little more exciting. A part of me regrets selling the freelander, but I did want something that was a little more heavy duty… better suited for more serious trails.