Obesity in America

Very good video produced by Reason.tv regarding the fight against obesity.  In general, the ‘good intentions’ of creating laws to control behavior is pretty useless and gives government the green light to find other ways to restrict freedom.

There are all sort of examples of laws created to ‘help’, the most controversial of late is New York’s Mayor Bloomberg banning sodas larger than16 oz.  If the people really wanted this, then wouldn’t they just stop buying the smaller soda?  There is, of course, some pricing strategy that promotes buying a larger soda (price per oz is a little less if you buy the larger drink) and then once you buy the larger drink, you may fee obligated to drink the whole thing.

Still, it doesn’t seem at all appropriate for a city to ban a particular size of product.  Maybe, for his next law, he’ll ban larger clothing with the idea that if you can’t buy extra large sized clothing, you’ll be forced to loose weight.  A part of me is thinking I shouldn’t write things like that lest it comes true.

An even more surprising ban comes from Reason’s Nanny of the month.  A federal prosecutor filed to ban raw milk, making the statement that citizens don’t have the freedom to eat what they want. Link to Nanny of the Month