Natural Belize


Belize is in a tropical climate and has a very interesting and wide variety of plants and trees.  One that I thought was very interesting is the Mimosa pudica, otherwise known as the “Touch-Me-Not.”  This plant is found in many locations in Central America as well as Southern Texas.  When the leaves of this plant are touched, they fold up against the stalk.

More information from Wikipedia

My video of a Touch-Me-Not


Leaf Cutter Ants

Leaf Cutter Ants are also found mainly in Central America and other tropical locations.  This ant comes in a variety of sizes in the same ant hill and serves two very important and surprising purposes.

1. The large ant can be used to suture a wound.  Take the large ant, place it across the wound and let it bit down, then break off the body.

My very short video of a few ants

More information from Wikipedia

Someone else’s video demo of the Leaf Cutter Ants jaw power

Discovery Channel: Dual Survival, Leaf Cutter Ant Sutures 

2. The dirt from the ant hill can be mixed with water which, upon drying, is very much like cement.

House Construction

The typical house in Belize is a single room ‘hut.’  The walls are made either with wood boards, if available.  Otherwise, they are several straight polls placed next to each other.  The roofs are made of palm leaves interwoven and tied to the roof frame.