Mujizat Masih Ada

Translated: “Miracles Still Exist”

Most people in Indonesia follow Islam. An interesting tidbit about history is that the country has had missionaries from (in order) Hinduism, Christianity, and most recently Islam. In the small town where Daniel and Paige live, there are several mosques very close by and 5 times a day at approximately the same time, they will all sound the call to prayer (I’ll discuss this more in another post).

So on Monday and Tuesday we would occasionally hear about some big Christian event that would be on Wednesday night. We weren’t sure what to expect – we saw the poster but there wasn’t enough to really be able to guess what we would see.

Much to our surprise, it was a bit outdoor concert and sermon… in Indonesian. Paige and Daniel understood it, but I was a bit in the dark. Still, the event was a surprise, especially because it was so big. I’m guessing there were a couple of thousand people. The ministry that put the show on was an Indonesian televangelist. The video below shows clips of some of the songs, just so you get a feel for what their worship music sounds like.

Photos from the event.