Mary and Max

Max having an anxiety attack.
Max having an anxiety attack.

Mary and Max is an excellent claymation movie from Australia.  It’s about a young Australian girl named Mary who becomes pen pals with a Jewish man from New York who is names Max.  The movie is a funny yet dark at the same time.  Probably not something for young kids.

Mary lives in a brown world with an alcoholic mother and a father who stuffs dead birds.  She struggles with loneliness and being an outcast.

Max has a similar story.  He lives in a black and white world, has Asburgers Syndrome, attends “Weight Watchers Anonymous” meetings, and doesn’t understand people very well.

Visually, this is a beautiful movie.  Mary’s world is in shades of brown while Max’s is shades of gray.  Both with a spot of red.  The way the worlds and characters are sculpted is very detailed.

Much of the humor in this movie is very subtle – you do have to be paying attention to really appreciate it.

Catch it on Netflix.