Madakaripura Waterfall

I’ll start with a link to more information from Indonesia’s Official Tourism Website.  This website refers to the waterfalls as ‘surreal.’  I don’t think surreal is a good description, and I’m not sure that’s really what they meant.  The waterfalls are beautiful.  It’s not a big or expansive waterfall like Niagara or Livingstone.  What it is, though, is several small waterfalls, creating a cool cavern like valley.  A very refreshing spot on a hot day to just relax and enjoy the cold, fresh water as it cascades down along several paths through the lush green foliage.  It was an easy hike into the fall, but very wet past a certain point.  Waterproof your camera and anything else that shouldn’t get wet.

From the trail head, it’s about a 30 minute hike along the river that the falls feed into.  As you get closer to the waterfalls, you find yourself in a narrow canyon surrounded by falling water.  There are actually several small waterfalls as you get to the beginning of the river where the main waterfall is.  At the very end is a nice little swimming hole surrounded by rocks.  The canyon walls covered in bright green foliage all the way to the top with water streaming through in several places.

After a long morning of hiking up and down at Bromo, this was a refreshing way to spend the afternoon.

Link to more pictures.

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