Journaling Apps

Since the iPad is so convenient, I’ve decided that I should use it to keep a journal. This journal would be mostly for work, but I think I would be inclined to use it for personal journalling as well. I’m trying out a couple of programs, both of which are highly rated and both have a desktop version. The first is Day One by Bloom and the other is MacJournal by Mariner Software.

Both are very good and very simple pieces of software. Simple is very important to me especially for journalling. If there are too many bells and whistles I’m likely to get distracted. Both are simple text editors with mostly plain text.

Day One is the simpler and cheaper of the two. The interface is very clean. It will automatically use the fist line of your entry as a title, but seems to requires you to press enter twice to create paragraphs. apart from that but a very good and promising program. It will also let you star articles as favorites.

Day One


Day One is definately a program I would recommend , especially as it is only $3.

I decided to go with MacJournal as my software of choice. This program is $6 but has a few more features that I really liked:

  • It does lists. I really like lists and found this to be a very cool feature.
  • The desktop client is very good and includes a timeline view which I happen to like as well.
  • Allows for tagging entries (I think Day One will get this feature soon)
  • Multiple journals
  • Search
  • publish to blogs (I don’t really need this feature as I’m using Blogsy for that)

May 24 Update: Couple of new observations on both programs. Day One has the ability to sync with dropbox or with icloud. This can be quite handy. MacJournal does not currently have this. It does let you sync with the desktop version when both are on the same network, but the program has to be running on the desktop for this to work.