Isaiah 7-17


“If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”

Verse 14 prophesies about the birth of Jesus.

Verse 20 talks about sending the Assyrians to shave the heads and privates (interesting?  maybe a sign of utter humiliation).  When Jesus is born, the Assyrians will come and dominate.


Fear the Lord! Do not be like ‘those’ people, do not go to the mediums or spirits for advice – don’t go to the dead for advice on the living.  God is about life.  Verse 20, “They have no light of dawn.”


Verse 2 talks about the birth of Christ.  Rejoice!  Mankind is arrogant and is intent on rebuilding.  God will punish mankind.


Verses 1 and 2 are important.  God is now mad at the Assyrians – he wants the Assyrians to pillage but the King intends on destroying.  The king is arrogant and thinks he would conquer of his own strength.  Zion will be punished a little, but then God’s wrath will turn to the Assyrians.


Jesse – is this Jesus?  I’m not sure.  Will have to look that one up. Either way, Jesse will be wise and judicious.


Verse 6, praise that the holy one of Isreal is here.


Babylon prophecy.  God will destroy the Babylonians quickly and efficiently – during the darkness.


Destruction of the Assyrians – Philistine will be destroyed as well.


Moab will be destroyed.


Moab is prideful and arrogant.  God would appear to hate these traits.


Damascus will be destroyed.  They will turn away from their idols and look to God.  Damascus will be annihilated overnight.