October 2012

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Daniel and Paige are friends that joined the Peace Corps and moved to Indonesia early last year. Over the last 18 months, I would see periodic pictures that they have posted on Facebook and will occasionally go over to their blog to see what they are up to next. Somehow, back in July, I got the notion that I should go visit them, so one day, I started chatting with Daniel on Facebook and after much discussion and planning, I booked my tickets and was soon on my way to Indonesia.

I found out, as I was researching flights, that it would take a minimum of 3 flights each way, a long layover here and there, and probably a total of $1600 or so in airfare to get to and from Indonesia. Daniel recommended keeping an eye on Air Asia for the occasional super cheap airfare deal. So over the month’s time, I would do more research, check airfares, and develop a plan.

At some point, I got the bright idea that if I was going to have to go through several connecting airports, maybe I should take advantage of the time there and explore whatever city I was going through.

Then I got another great idea – I had a bunch of miles saved up with American Airlines – Maybe I can use miles for this trip and save some money!

Then, as I was researching using miles, I found that American doesn’t go all the way to Indonesia, so I would have to change airlines and that the points are spent by segment and not on a round trip basis (ie, no savings in booking round trip). So it didn’t really matter if I few in and out of the same city or into one city and out of another.

Therefore… my trip became DFW-Tokyo, Tokyo-Surabaya, Jogjakarta-Kuala Lumpur-Sydney, Sydney-DFW.

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