Iggy the Iguana Comes over for Dinner

Iggy the Iguana
Iggy looks mighty tasty… uh… I mean, Lovely

One day, Iggy the Iguana was walking through jungle, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the humidity.  She started to grow tired and stopped for a moment to bask in the sunlight.

While Iggy was relaxing, Steve happenned by and noticed Iggy sitting in the sun.  Steve yelled over to Iggy, “Hello there!”

“Hello!” replyed Iggy, “How are you this fine day?”

“Wonderful!  Say, you are such a fine looking iguana!  I’ve never seen such lustrous green skin.  Do you use a moisturizer?”

Iggy was flattered – If she could turn red, she would have.  “Oh, no.  I am just naturally green.  I do like to sit out in the sun, though.”

Steve says to Iggy, “You are so lovely, I would love to have you for dinner so my whole family and meet you and see your delicious… I mean, beautiful skin.

Iggy is quite proud and accepts the offer and goes to visit Steve’s family.  All of Steve’s friend and family were quite impressed with Iggy’s lovely green skin.  They thought she was so lovely, in fact, that they were all drooling.  Iggy thought this was a little odd, but humans do odd things.

Then, all of a sudden, Iggy found herself tied up with her legs behind her back and completely unable to move.  She couldn’t even whip her tail around and cause some cuts.

Iggy wasn’t a guest for dinner, she was dinner.

Poor Iggy.

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