Google: 6 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your App

Very good article by Fast Company based on a presentation giving at Google I/O by Tomer Sharon, Google Search User Experience Researcher. The link below has the full video of the presentation and the article has a great summary of the information. Super high level summary:

  • Does the app solve a real problem? If not, then adoption will probably be low.
  • If you get feedback from friends instead of actual users, that feedback may be very biased. Seek out feedback from potential users.
  • Observe actual user behavior instead of surveying. Users may not actually understand their own actions or behaviors. Watch what users do instead.
  • “Riskiest Assumption” – This concept is not explained very well in the article and I did not watch the video. I may not even understand very well, but the basic idea is, “Is every part of the concept understandable? Is there a fundamental flaw in the whole process that would result in failure?”
  • “Bob the Builder” – the act of building an app quickly as a test case to see if people adopt it and change the app purpose if necessary. The problem is that you have done your research and are actually trying to solve a problem, then you should be focused on a complete solution to the problem.
  • You need to understand the need and the problem and build an app to address that.

Google: 6 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your App | Fast Company.