Goa 2014: About This Trip

My trip to India was for 2 weeks. The first week was spent in Vasco Da Gama in the state of Goa. The second week was in Pune and Mumbai.

The Goa portion of the trip was a mission trip in partnership with Rahab’s Rope. This organization is focused on saving people from human trafficking and preventing children from getting trapped in trafficking.

Top 5 Countries by 2013 Population
Since 1960, China, India, and the United States have been the top countries by population. Click the graph to go to an interactive tool.

India has consistently been the 2nd most populous country in the world (1.25 billion), second always to China (1.35 billion). Over the same period, the United States has always been a distant third (0.32 billion).

Hinduism represents the highest percentage at 65% and Christianity second at 30% (Catholic).  Goa’s high level of Christianity is a result of being a former Portuguese colony.

Our mission tasks in Goa was primarily helping out in a few different pre-schools and holding life skills classes at a health center. Education is what will help change lives in the slum, and knowing English will be an even bigger boost for the futures of these children.

Plus, being Americans and visiting is a fun diversion for the kids.