Driving a Volvo

I had to take the Discovery in for service and Autobahn was kind enough to loan me a vehicle to drive in the mean time.  The car they gave me was a Volvo S60 sedan.  I was a little skeptical at first about this car, but it turns out it was quite fun to drive.  The interior is very well designed and very comfortable.  The seats were firm and the dashboard was nicely laid out.  It had a screen (not a touch screen) to display radio and climate control information, but the controls themselves were still physical buttons and designed so that they are easy to find and press.

The car was quick.  Very quick.  And very responsive.  Great fun to drive.

I did notice… and I’m not sure if it was just a bad time of the month, or because I was in a sedan, or because I was in a nice sedan… I noticed that other drivers (large and small vehicle alike) were jerks – cutting me off or speeding around.  Generally doing dangerous stuff. I never see this when I’m in the Discovery.  I’m assuming it’s because people don’t do that sort of thing around bigger vehicles?  Maybe?  Not really sure.

Back to the car though… really enjoyed it.

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