The weather today was mostly nice – sunny and warm. I was in leadership training all day and finished up a little early and left work.

The drive home started uneventful – it was drizzling just a little bit. However, off in the distance, over downtown Fort Worth, it was dark and stormy. Half way home, I started to see the lightning strikes – brilliant and noisy. As I crossed the bridge into the downtown area, the rain was coming down in sheets and the streets were beginning to flood. The right lane on 8th Street was not drivable without kicking up a large wall of water.

Even closer to home, the intersections were flooding to the point where sedans were no longer able to pass without getting stuck. No problem in the rover though! Had plenty of clearance in off-road mode and plowed through the water like it wasn’t even there.

Fun and exciting day on the drive home.

2014-06-24 Radar