Daylight Saving

Today was a very productive day. I got a surprising amount of work done around the house. Not everything I needed to do, but more than enough for a full day. I even sqeezed in a little time to blog. This blog has no real purpose except for me to write on a regular basis. Nothing interesting to see here. If you actually do find it interesting… Ummm… That would be highly unusual.

Todays activities include installing a screen door on the front and back doors, putting a few plants in pots and placing them around the house, and installing a mirror in the bathroom.

I had a problem with the cats wanting to dig in the plant but found that if i put a layer of gravel on top of the soil, they leave the plant alone. In addition, it actually looks pretty nice.

SCARR is coming up. (website) I decided to rent a popup trailer this year instead of tent camping. The model I’ll be renting from Campers4Rent is a Fleetwood Evolution E3. Over Thanksgiving, I rented an RPod, which was very nice, but had no storage. We’ll see what I think of the pop up vs tent camping vs a hardside camper.

I also want to buy a GoPro camera this year to record SCARR. I was going to wait for the GoPro2 but think I’ll pick up the original so I have time to experiment with mounting options.