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Hello and welcome to Team India 2014’s blog!
Ready, Set, Go!
Day One: Preschools and Tuition Program
Day Two: Painting and Stitching Center
Day Three: Craft Day and Stitching Center Part Deux
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Arriving in Goa
Getting Oriented
Temple Visits
Painting a Wall
Value of Pictures
Getting Around (coming soon)
Preschools (coming soon)
Teaching Science
Sightseeing In Goa
Aga Khan Palace
Gateway to India
Returning to the US

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Church Service
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Market in Pune
Shaniwar Wada
View of Pune from Parwati

Aga Khan Palace:

On the Way to Sinhgad:

View from Sinhgad:

Gateway of India:

Terminal 2, Mumbai Airport

Sightseeing in Goa

Mari and Khaleeqa looking regal in their two person power taxi.
Mari and Khaleeqa looking regal in their two person power taxi.

Friday morning is our sightseeing day. The day started off okay with a visit to “Big Foot.” This is not about sasquatch, however. Big Foot in this case is about a guy that, I think, stands on one leg for a really long time. The morning also started with me developing a bad flu. I made it through Big Foot, was able to have lunch at the spice garden, but after that I was pretty much useless. The rest of the team took a tour of the Spice Garden, went on an elephant ride, did some ministry work at a preschool in the afternoon and then went to a restaurant that evening.

I went back to the hotel and slept from about 2 in the afternoon to 7 the next morning.

Jay is learning about ancient Indian culture.
Natalie has disguised herself as a cashew fruit. A very large cashew fruit.
A character from ancient Indian folklore named Parshuam. More info on Wikipedia

Teaching Science

It’s the simple things that can be the most fun. Especially when the results are unexpected! Mari taught the kids how to make a geyser. I don’t remember what the ingredients are, but we basically built a cone and decorated it with play-dough. The play-dough by itself was actually pretty fun. Once the geysers were properly decorated, the ingredients are added that makes the geyser bubble over with blue water! I thought it was pretty fun too.

Making a geyser!
Making a geyser!
The Kids are proud of their geyser!
The Kids are proud of their geyser!
Another excited and proud geyser team.
Another excited and proud geyser team.

The second science experiment was to make silly putty. Until I saw the results, I actually thought that silly putty was like play dough but more plastic like – the stuff I remember you could press to a newspaper and make a copy of what was there. Turns out this was more slimy. Still very fun for the kids!

Making silly putty is pretty awesome.  I kids really seem to enjoy it.
Making silly putty is pretty awesome. The kids really seem to enjoy it.

Value of Pictures

DSC09615 One of the interesting things about visiting other countries, especially when working with kids, is that children love having their pictures taken. In Zambia, if you pull out a camera, all the kids swarm around you and will show off for the camera. In India, it was a little different. Here, the kids really want a picture of themselves – not for you to just take a picture, but they want to see the picture and if it was possible to get a print, they would love that.

DSC09648Fortunately, we were able to do that in two ways. I’m not sure exactly how the idea came up, but Jay did bring along a small 4×6 printer. Between that printer and also going to a photo store and having prints made (much better option, by the way… in India, it was $2 for 30 prints, and only took 30 minutes), we were able to give out pictures of many of the kids and families. It was especially cool that one of their art projects was a picture frame – so we were able to print the pictures and give it to the kids to put in their new frames.

This experience is something I’ll keep in mind for future trips.


Arriving in Goa

Exhausted after 18 hrs of traveling, the team waits at Mumbai International for the final flight to Goa.

We arrived in Goa on Sunday, very early in the morning. It was about 6am. Half the team was exhausted and with good reason. We had been traveling for almost 24 hours (including layover time). In Mumbai, before boarding the plane to Goa, we met Khaleeqa. Khaleeqa is from New Jersey, an Iron Man triathlete, and principle at a kindergarden. She will be joining the team for our time with Goa. I’ll spoil the surprise, she fit in with the team perfectly and was a welcome addition!

Anyways, a few of us had the energy to go to a Sunday morning service in town:

Cool parts of going to the service:

  • Service in another country.
  • Service in another language.
  • Seeing the enthusiasm.
  • Recognizing some songs.
  • Hearing songs in Hindi.




Isaiah 7-17


“If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.”

Verse 14 prophesies about the birth of Jesus.

Verse 20 talks about sending the Assyrians to shave the heads and privates (interesting?  maybe a sign of utter humiliation).  When Jesus is born, the Assyrians will come and dominate.


Fear the Lord! Do not be like ‘those’ people, do not go to the mediums or spirits for advice – don’t go to the dead for advice on the living.  God is about life.  Verse 20, “They have no light of dawn.”


Verse 2 talks about the birth of Christ.  Rejoice!  Mankind is arrogant and is intent on rebuilding.  God will punish mankind.


Verses 1 and 2 are important.  God is now mad at the Assyrians – he wants the Assyrians to pillage but the King intends on destroying.  The king is arrogant and thinks he would conquer of his own strength.  Zion will be punished a little, but then God’s wrath will turn to the Assyrians.


Jesse – is this Jesus?  I’m not sure.  Will have to look that one up. Either way, Jesse will be wise and judicious.


Verse 6, praise that the holy one of Isreal is here.


Babylon prophecy.  God will destroy the Babylonians quickly and efficiently – during the darkness.


Destruction of the Assyrians – Philistine will be destroyed as well.


Moab will be destroyed.


Moab is prideful and arrogant.  God would appear to hate these traits.


Damascus will be destroyed.  They will turn away from their idols and look to God.  Damascus will be annihilated overnight.


I joined a team from my church that went to Belize to serve with International Servants (check out in May of 2014.  This ministry is primarily focused on church planting has established over 50 churches so far.  In addition to church planting, Paul Whisnant and his team also provide access to medical care and basic pharmaceuticals, children’s programs that provide meals and bible education, and construction services for ministry related structures.

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Photo Gallery


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Paul’s Ministry Anniversary 
2014-05 Belize Medical (Long, 6:14)
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Official Blog Entries

Entries from the McKinney Missions blog.

Team Belize 2014 (May 4-10)

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When Helping Hurts 1-3


Church should be deeply involved in humanitarian aid but in the early 1900s split away from the aid effort, leaving it to the government.  Prior to 1900, the church was deeply involved in providing aid.


Definition of poverty depends on who you ask.  The poor will give an emotional or relational response.  The rich will provide a material response.  * Sarod’s note – the rich suffer from the same emotional or relational issues, but it is masked by wealth.

People have relationships with God, Self, Others, and the Rest of Creation.

“People affect systems, and systems affect people.”

Two fundamental errors in helping:

  • Focus on disease, not the symptoms.
  • Misdiagnosis of the illness and providing the wrong medication

First step is to repent of the health and wealth gospel.


Poverty alleviation: first restore the relationships with God, the pursue material poverty alleviation by earning enough to be self sufficient and by glorifying God in work.

Focus on God changes your worldview – a value of life and a need for love.