WSJ: The Power of the Presidential Tweet

By Scott Adams

“Trump’s online missives make his supporters laugh and even his opponents think past the sale.

As a trained hypnotist and a lifelong student of persuasion, I’m often impressed by how much “work” President Trump gets out of his tweets. Most of them are harmless retweets about whatever is going right, and they tend to be forgettable. The good ones are something entirely different, and many are gems of persuasion.”

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Fee: Government Created Suburbia

“In primary school, one of my friends lived in a duplex. This fact blew my mind. To my inexperienced 7-year-old mind, a duplex barely registered as a house. Her family shared a driveway with their neighbors, and their yard was tiny. It was the first house I’d ever seen that shared a wall with its neighbors. I’d seen apartments of course, but in my mind, those were temporary, for people who were saving up to buy a “real” home. I couldn’t understand that some people might actually prefer to live in something besides a private home because I’d never come across it before.”

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The Federalist: Due Process at Colleges

“Many times throughout history societies cast aside the idea of due process, such as during the Salem witch trials and the 1980s and ’90s satanic day care scares. In each case, those accused were not given a proper chance to defend themselves, and society was told to ‘believe the victim.'”

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The Federalist: Roundup Ban

“The European Union is poised this week to enact a continent-wide ban on glyphosate, a safe and popular weedkiller used by millions of farmers around the world. The vote to outlaw glyphosate—better known as Roundup to us city and suburban folk—will be the culmination of a deceptive yet well-orchestrated effort led by ‘green’ activists that has absolutely nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with punishing U.S. companies such as Monsanto, the maker of Roundup.”

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Why ISIS is Targeting France

Interesting article by M. G. Oprea in the Federalist.

The French have long held to the ideals of universalism and laïcité (or strict secularism). This dates back to the French Revolution, when revolutionaries were seeking a way to give all people equal access to the state in order to avoid favoritism. They felt that to avoid unfair treatment or discrimination all citizens needed to be seen as absolutely equal. Acknowledging differences between them would be discriminatory.


PDF: Why ISIS Is Targeting France

Bill to De-Militarize Federal Regulatory Agencies

Representative Stewart of Utah has introduced a bill that demiliterizes non-military agencies of the government. Very important bill! Excellent. Regulators have no business having their own armies. In cases where they need to enforce law and require protection, they should leverage actual law enforcement agencies.

Rep. Stewart Introduces Bill to De-Militarize Federal Regulatory Agencies | Congressman Chris Stewart.


The weather today was mostly nice – sunny and warm. I was in leadership training all day and finished up a little early and left work.

The drive home started uneventful – it was drizzling just a little bit. However, off in the distance, over downtown Fort Worth, it was dark and stormy. Half way home, I started to see the lightning strikes – brilliant and noisy. As I crossed the bridge into the downtown area, the rain was coming down in sheets and the streets were beginning to flood. The right lane on 8th Street was not drivable without kicking up a large wall of water.

Even closer to home, the intersections were flooding to the point where sedans were no longer able to pass without getting stuck. No problem in the rover though! Had plenty of clearance in off-road mode and plowed through the water like it wasn’t even there.

Fun and exciting day on the drive home.

2014-06-24 Radar

USA Today: VA scandal exposes greedy socialism

Basic problem with any group or system is that it’s run by imperfect people pursuing self interest. All the more reason to not have a single system – a single point of failure.

Now that the VA has erupted in scandals involving phony wait lists, and people dying because of treatment delays, an audit reveals a “systemic lack of integrity” in the system. According to the auditors, “Information indicates that in some cases, pressures were placed on schedulers to utilize inappropriate practices in order to make waiting times appear more favorable.”

In other words, they cooked the books. And what’s more, they did it to ensure bigger “performance bonuses.” The performance may have been fake, but the bonuses were real. (One whistle-blower compared the operation to a “crime syndicate.”)

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