Belize Day 1

The day started with a hearty breakfast and morning worship service.  Paul asked me the night before if I would be willing to make a mission team video, which I was happy to do.  So I broke out some of the video gear that I had packed and was ready for the day.

We started by going out to the mission site.  On the site, there are two metal roofed pavilions, a grass roofed pavilion, and a well.  We took a team picture in front of the grass roofed pavilion, then went on a prayer walk around the property, ending at the well.  The local pastors then led us in a prayer in their native languages.

The official language of Belize is english, but there are also several other native languages, including Spanish and various forms of the Mayan/Indian language.

DSC08103The construction team stayed at the mission site to take on various projects while I went with the medical and VBS teams to a nearby school.  I stayed to document the setup and then tagged along with Paul, Steve, and Darwin to see the newly completed Rio Baptist Church.  I had a great time talking to and getting to know these gentlemen and also getting a first hand look at how the ministry works.