Batu Caves

I left Jogjakarta to go to Sydney, but had a long layover in Kuala Lumpur.  I arrived at about 2 in the afternoon and my flight to Sydney wouldn’t depart until midnight.  So I had quite a lot of time to kill.  To help spend some time, I decided to head out to the Batu Caves.  To get there, I had to take an Airport bus to the central train station, then catch a city train that would take me out to the caves.

The caves are actually an active Hindu temple that has been built within  cave.  It was pretty spectacular and majestic to see.

  • The sign on the train expressly forbade intimacy
  • The blue monkey god statue and the gold statue are both really, really big
  • There is a statue of a very peculiar creature with breasts, four legs, wings, and a peacock tail… oh, and horns.

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