Walking Tour of Sydney

My second full day in Sydney consisted of a walking tour of a couple of places I wanted to go and then just roaming around the town.  Wound up walking about 17 miles total over the course of the day.

It was today that I also found a shortcut to go downtown.  Previously, I would exit the hotel, and follow the street north and then head south again – basically around the peninsula.  This is because the hotel is at a higher elevation, so the street followed a path that gradually lead down to sea level.  As it turns out, there is a staircase a block west of the hotel.  Shaved a lot of time off my walking!

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Maritime Museum

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HMAS Onslow: This submarine was commissioned in 1968 and served the Royal Australian Navy for 30 years before becoming an exhibit at the Maritime Museum.  Link to more information.

HMAS Vampire: This destroyer is the largest class of battleship in the Royal Australian Navy and was commissioned in 1959.  As the largest class of battleship, I should point out that it isn’t a particularly big ship.  Apparently the Australian Navy built much smaller and more nimble ships than the US Navy does. Link to more information.

Barque James Craig: The original was built in 1874 and restored in 2001.  This is a working tall ship, it regularly takes people on sailing trip.  Very interesting to tour and see what the interior of a tall ship is like. Link to more information.

Powerhouse Museum

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This is a really interesting museum, straddling the line between engineering and design.  There is a very large exhibit of steam engines.  In fact, the museum has a steam running through the building an can demonstrate many of the engines on display.  There is a photography exhibit of railroad photography.  Unfortunately, there was only 1 of a US railroad, and that was of Union Pacific.  Most of the entries are from other places around the world.  There was also several exhibits of technology, both new and old, and transportation.

Motor Show

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While in Sydney, the 2012 Sydney Motor show happen to be going on, so I made a point of going.  What I found most interesting was that they still have “Utes” which are like the Subaru Brat or the Ford El Camino.  Very popular style of vehicle.  Also popular in Australia are utility trucks – instead of a standard pickup bed, you have a flat platform with tubing.  Snorkels are factory options and can be found not only on trucks, but spotted them on some buses, too.