British Airways’ Magic Posters That Point At Planes

This is brilliant! Really great use of digital billboards. Also interesting is the technology that went into making this work.
1. Identify billboards that are located along a flight path and has a good angle relative to the flight path so images can point to the planes.
2. Negotiate contracts to use these billboards. Normally they would rotate between different company ads. In this case, the billboard is designed to interrupt the regular cycle when a plane is near.
3. Install technology to identify the plane. Online data is delayed by several minutes, so the billboard uses ADSB transponder data (this data is transmitted by the plane itself).
4. Have an internet connection and be able to pull marketing information about that flight (ie, if the flight is going to US, what are the current deals for this route).
5. Install technology to *not* react to airplanes if there is cloud cover and the plane can’t be seen.

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