When Helping Hurts 1-3


Church should be deeply involved in humanitarian aid but in the early 1900s split away from the aid effort, leaving it to the government.  Prior to 1900, the church was deeply involved in providing aid.


Definition of poverty depends on who you ask.  The poor will give an emotional or relational response.  The rich will provide a material response.  * Sarod’s note – the rich suffer from the same emotional or relational issues, but it is masked by wealth.

People have relationships with God, Self, Others, and the Rest of Creation.

“People affect systems, and systems affect people.”

Two fundamental errors in helping:

  • Focus on disease, not the symptoms.
  • Misdiagnosis of the illness and providing the wrong medication

First step is to repent of the health and wealth gospel.


Poverty alleviation: first restore the relationships with God, the pursue material poverty alleviation by earning enough to be self sufficient and by glorifying God in work.

Focus on God changes your worldview – a value of life and a need for love.