India Map, Map of India is the largest online repository of maps on India since 1998. The site provides business mapping solutions and thematic map images of India, its states, union territories, districts, and cities. It is an established brand, servicing businesses, institutions and individuals across the globe.

India Map, Map of India.


Since 2001, Stamen has developed a reputation for beautiful and technologically sophisticated projects in a diverse range of commercial and cultural settings. We work and play with a surprising and growing range of collaborators: news mediafinancial institutionsartists and architectscar manufacturersdesign agenciesmuseumstechnology firmspolitical action committees, and universities.”

They created a javascript library for mapping.


GADM database of Global Administrative Areas

“GADM is a spatial database of the location of the world’s administrative areas (or adminstrative boundaries) for use in GIS and similar software. Administrative areas in this database are countries and lower level subdivisions such as provinces, departments, bibhag, bundeslander, daerah istimewa, fivondronana, krong, landsvæðun, opština, sous-préfectures, counties, and thana. GADM describes where these administrative areas are (the “spatial features”), and for each area it provides some attributes, such as the name and variant names.”

Testing the Maps in WordPress

Getting ready for the big trip to Indonesia and wanted to try out a few features in WordPress so that I can keep a good travel log.  Today’s test is uploading GPS files and then displaying the data on a map.  Here is my test file that I created using BadElf on the drive home.  This plug-in is pretty cool!

[map style=”width: 400px; height:300px; margin:20px 20px 20px 20px; border: 1px solid black;” maptype=”OSM” gpx=””]