First In Kyobashi

Capsules are stacked 2 high and there are several of these on the floor. There is also a bathroom (sinks, toilets) on the floor as well. Men and women are on separate floors.

I spent the night at the First In Kyobashi.  It’s just a few blocks from Tokyo Station in the business district, so it’s a pretty easy walk from the station to the hotel.  The front desk does not open until 5pm, so I had a little time to get some food and do some research on what I was going to do in Tokyo.

The official name of the hotel is “First In Kyobashi.”  Kyobashi is the name of the neighborhood.  I’m not sure if “In” is actually supposed to be “Inn.”  Is the hotel saying it’s the first hotel in Kyobashi?  Or perhaps it’s the First Inn, Kyobashi.  Not worth thinking about, but a bit entertaining.  Online, I’ve seen the hotel listings say both In and Inn.

This hotel is a capsule hotel.  Your bed is basically similar to a berth on a train.  The ‘rooms’ at this particular capsule hotel look like they are from the 70s or 80s.  They are plastic boxes with a curtain.  Inside is a small desk lamp, a pull out desk, a radio (basically a car stereo), and a pay TV, meaning, you have to put Yen in it to get it to work.  My capsule was on the second floor, which is men only – there is another floor for women.  There were several of these berths on the floor, stacked 2 high.  You also get a locker, shower sandals, and a ‘robe’ (actually more similar to scrubs).  There is a bathroom on this floor (sinks, toilets).

Modest is an understatement, but I didn’t have any plans to be hanging out in a hotel on this trip.

The bathrooms are shared – there is basically a dressing room on the basement floor.  The first part of the room has a wall lined with sinks, and a few vending machines for soaps, phone recharge, and other random stuff.  In the middle of the room are several tables and chairs to hang out in.  At the back of the room is a small room where there is a toilet and sink.  Next to that room is another room with 3 showers.  I believe this area is for men only and there is another floor for women, similar to the arrangement for the room where the berths are.

Overall, a very comfortable experience.  Good enough, since I had no intention of hanging out at the hotel.

Weekend in Boston – The Inn

Room at the Inn

Boston is a very expensive place as far as hotels go. I knew I would be spending two nights, and the idea of spending over $250 per night was not very palatable. I wasn’t planning on having a car out there, since they do have a subway system, but wasn’t sure how far out of town I would need to go to get something more reasonable… about $100 per night. I finally found a place that was actually pretty close to downtown Boston and cost about $100 per night.

I came across The Inn at Crystal Cove. The room prices ranged from $100 to $130 per night depending on size and view. I went with the cheapest room, and it turned out to be perfect for me. It was very small, maybe about 8×10, but was very clean and had a nice sized bathroom. This picture was taken with my back against the door of the room.  You can see the foot of the bed in the lower right corner – the head of the bed is against the opposite wall, so the room is small but clean and exactly what I needed since I had no plan of spending much time there.  On top of that, the location was beautiful – across the bay from Boston, surrounded by the sea. They also had a fully equipped kitchen for everyone to use.

  • The cab ride was about $20 not including tax or tip
  • MBTA has bus service in Winthrop and there is a bus stop right in front of the Inn that takes you to the Orient Heights metro station
  • There is also a the Winthrop Ferry right accross the street that goes directly to Boston. It runs a couple of times in the morning and then a couple of times in the afternoon and takes about 25 minutes