R Project resource

Excellent website full of useful information on using R Project:


Topics include:
Getting data from the web
Data Manipulation
Data visualization

This is probably my favorite project on his site – not because it’s Star Wars, but because of the way the data is presented:


Removing Spaces from a Field

How to remove a spaces from data within a field, either from the sides or from the middle

Case 1

The spaces are on either side of the data and any spaces in the middle should stay.
Example: ” Go To ” becomes “Go To”

Access QBE

In an update query, use this expression in “Update To”

Trim ([field1])

Case 2

The space are in the middle of the data and should be removed
Example: ” Go To ” becomes “GoTo”


use [database]
update [table “” not found /]

set [field1] = replace([field1],’ ‘,”)

Note that you must use the single quote. Also there is a space between the first pair of single quotes and there is nothing between the second pair of single quotes. So you are basically telling the system to replace a space with nothing.

Access QBE

In an update query, use this expression in “Update To”

Replace ([field1],” “,””)


=SUBSTITUTE([cell];” “;””)

US Energy Data

This site has data on the production of a variety of fuels, including crude oil, gasoline, diesel, propane, jet fuel, ethanol, and other liquid fuels.

Data from eia.gov

Live Ships Map

This website generates a map of all marine traffic. When zoomed out, it will create a cluster map. When you zoom in, it will show the locations of vessels. Hovering over a point will show information about the vessel.

Live Ships Map – AIS – Vessel Traffic and Positions – AIS Marine Traffic.