Returning to the US

My flight back to the US was very late Saturday night. Technically, it was 2 am Sunday morning. I got to the Mumbai International Airport and had time to get a little food for dinner and relax and read for a while. The ticketing area is very large and spacious with the ceiling being maybe 30 feet high. This airport terminal is new, having opened last year. The ceiling and the columns going up to the ceiling has a peacock feather pattern and lighting that slowly changes colors.

After getting your boarding pass and then going through security and out to the terminal, you are now in the gate area which is part mall. This gate area is decorated with large lotus flower like lighting and a square pattern where two corners are square and two corners are round. It is really pretty, but I think that it may start to look old very quickly. The style is already reminiscent of the 60s or 70s.

The black part of the photosynth is directly behind where I was sitting. I didn’t take any pictures there because there were people sitting there and it would look a little creepy to take their pictures.

Link to Photosynth picture

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India