Highway Bill

Congress and the Senate are currently working on a new highway bill.  An article from April 15 2012 in the Wall Street Journal described some of the nonsense in the Boxer version of the bill.  Highlights:

  • Approximately 10% of the total goes to nonessential and what looks like non-highwayrelated funds, such as the Land & Water Conservation Fund and the National Endowment for the Oceans.
  • Transit programs are the biggest “waste of money” (my words) due to the enormous amounts of capital expenses and the very low utilization by citizens.  It would seem more people walk to work than take transit.  I don’t blame them, either.  I’m not a big fan of transit programs.
  • The distribution of money is such that larger cities get a larger chuck of money, resulting in other communities paying for projects instead of being able to take care of their own highways.
  • The Boxer version appears to prohibit public-private partnerships – the states would be prohibited from leveraging private money to build toll roads or bridges.

Link to original article.

WSJ: Why Your Highway Has Potholes (pdf of article with my highlights)