Discovery 3

This is my Landrover Discovery 3 (also known as an LR3, but I refuse to call her that). She has a Johnson Rod lift kit and {what size??} tires. I bought her in 2011.  Apart from the tires and the Johnson Rods, everything is stock.

Johnson Rods: The Discovery has an electronically controlled air ride system that can raise and lower the height of the vehicle.  It has three driver selectable heights: standard height for normal, every day driving.  Access height, which lowers the truck to make it easier to get in and out or to load and unload, and off-road height for off roading.  There is a special mode that lifts the truck as high as possible and is activated automatically when it detects that it could be high centered.  Johnson Rods replace the stock sensor arms and are a slightly different length.  The result is that the computer thinks the truck is lower than it really is, resulting in the truck lifting itself 2 inches higher.

Next, I think I’ll have to get some rock sliders, perhaps a new ARB brush guard with winch…