Star Wars in ASCII

“Text” version of Star Wars:

You can also view this using telnet by telnetting to

There is something very interesting about ASCII art – it’s very simple – all you have to work with are the characters that can be displayed in a screen. There is a color version of this the above as well. I haven’t watched the whole thing, but have to admit that it’s pretty clever and cool.

It kinda emphasizes the notion that the story is the most important part – the visual and audio effects just help immerse you in the story. The effects don’t make the movie.

Making Ice Cream At Home

Some friends made ice cream at home yesterday. It was really good and made me wonder what the science behind making ice cream was… Why did it involve salt? So after a little research, here are two good articles on the chemical process and the uses of different types of salt:

Explains the salt chemistry behind the ice cream making process:

This article explains why some salts (like epsom) doesn’t work (it has to do with the range where it can lower the melting point of ice in below freezing conditions):

Wise Cat

Everyone knows that cats love laser pointers. They will chase these “little red bugs” all day and never get tired. Ninja is different though.

When Ninja was a kitten, he loved chasing the little red bug. As he got older, he because suspicious. He would chase it for a little while and then realize that he should have caught it but couldn’t. Something was amiss. He would chase the bug for a little while then sit down and just watch it. His brother, don’t being quite as bright, still fully enjoyed playing ‘catch the red bug.’

Now, Ninja has caught on to the fact that the little red bug is, in fact, coming from a strange little object that dad is holding. Now, instead of chasing, or even paying attention to the bug, his gaze is affixed to my hand that is holding the laser pointer.


Guava Juice

The Chinese buffet restaurant near my house has a few Chinese drinks. Tried Guava juice. It was pretty good. Light Guava flavor.20140622-193812-70692353.jpg

Katjes Berry Cassis

I went to The Fiesta grocery store near my house and noticed the international aisle for the first time. It wasn’t a huge selection of stuff, but what they did have was very interesting. I picked up a few things and will write more about those later. Today, I’m trying Berry Cassis. Berry Cassis is made by Katjes and is a German. Its a fruit snack, a bit like a Gummy Bear in consistency but not a candy product. It’s black currant flavored, which is quite good. I don’t know how to describe the flavor… a bit like a cranberry, but stronger.


Texas Country

Caught a great song on the radio today: Big River by Kevin Fowler.  There is something very gritty and cool about Texas country music.  It has a feeling of rawness and freedom that ‘commercial’ country or really most any other music does have.  I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it’s quite powerful.

Listen here