Arriving in Goa

Exhausted after 18 hrs of traveling, the team waits at Mumbai International for the final flight to Goa.

We arrived in Goa on Sunday, very early in the morning. It was about 6am. Half the team was exhausted and with good reason. We had been traveling for almost 24 hours (including layover time). In Mumbai, before boarding the plane to Goa, we met Khaleeqa. Khaleeqa is from New Jersey, an Iron Man triathlete, and principle at a kindergarden. She will be joining the team for our time with Goa. I’ll spoil the surprise, she fit in with the team perfectly and was a welcome addition!

Anyways, a few of us had the energy to go to a Sunday morning service in town:

Cool parts of going to the service:

  • Service in another country.
  • Service in another language.
  • Seeing the enthusiasm.
  • Recognizing some songs.
  • Hearing songs in Hindi.




Rumbrem, Goa, India